Under a Tree

Under a Tree by Lisa Marie Ford Book Cover Under a Tree by Lisa Marie Ford Page 6 Preview

“Under a Tree” is part of “From the Barnyard to the Backwoods” Series by Lisa Marie Ford

Hours pass and skies change, with rhymes long the way and Nature’s Colors to tell the story through pictures.

For a special Hobbit who reminds us all how much we truly appreciate home, good stories, and poetry.


4.25″ x 5.5″ Saddle-stitched Paperback Books, Full Color, 14 pages
Self-Published by Pics By Lis: the Down on the Farm Studio (currently short runs)

Made in the USA


Released November 13, 2015


Small enough for little hands with a big enough heart for all.

This book may be gifted in a card, just the right size for an envelope.